Artic Hunter’s Senior Exploration and Technical Advisory Board, Currently Reviewing and Evaluating a Number of District Scale Gold Projects for Acquisition, Situated in Northwestern Ontario, Canada

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Arctic Hunter Energy Inc. (TSX-V: AHU) (“Arctic Hunter” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company has normally embarked on a program to identify, acquire, explore and develop district scale gold projects in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Spearheading the review are Mr. Michael Dehn and Mr. Tim Twomey, P.Geo, both formerly of Goldcorp Inc., who were recently appointed to the newly established Gold Exploration and Technical Advisory Board. The Company is committed that they will successfully oversee the acquisition of world class, district scale gold exploration project to guarantee operational successes for the Company during the current gold boom. Both Senior Advisory Board members have been reviewing a number of potential gold exploration opportunities, that are district scale in size and in the view of management, possess superior geological merit and are readily available for immediate gold exploration and drill targeting. Initially, the focus will be in Northwestern Ontario, which is recognized as a mining friendly jurisdiction and an area renowned, for being one of the most productive, and the highest-grade gold mining districts in Canada. A number of gold projects have been recently identified and the detailed compilation of geological datasets are under review, specifically in the Red Lake Gold camp regional area and nearby, surrounding and newly emerging gold districts that have just recently been identified. With the recent additions of gold exploration specialists, Mr. Dehn and Mr. Twomey, P.Geo., to the Technical Advisory Board, the company now has over 61 years of combined geological expertise and technical knowledge of in the Red Lake Gold District with respect to understanding the geology and controls on gold mineralization in the Red Lake district and surrounding and emerging gold districts in northwestern Ontario. Both Mr. Dehn and Mr. Twomey and consultants are currently reviewing a number of projects. Some criteria that they are using for target review currently includes targeting,
brittle-ductile shear zone hosted within larger deformation zones, spatially associated with lithological contacts between units with contrasting ductility near high strain regional structures. Abundance of iron carbonate and silica flooding are also used in their targeting methodology.

ARCTIC HUNTER ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS – GOLD EXPLORATION MICHAEL DEHN, CHIEF ADVISOR (FORMERLY OF GOLDCORP) Mr. Dehn has over 25 years of solid experience in Canada’s exploration and mining industry. Between 1994 and 2005, he worked as an exploration geologist and later became senior geologist with Goldcorp Inc. During his 11-year tenure with Goldcorp Inc. (“Goldcorp”), Mr. Dehn played a vital role in Goldcorp’s regional exploration programs in Ontario. His expertise lies in grassroots to advanced mineral exploration and advancing, marketing and financing junior exploration companies with dynamic potential. As a geologist, Michael Dehn is considered by many in the gold mining and exploration industry to be one of the foremost authorities understanding the various idiosyncrasies of
the Red Lake Gold Camp and the many surrounding gold districts. Mr. Dehn has been instrumental in positioning Junior gold exploration companies for both strategic and operational successes very rapidly under his guidance. Mr. Dehn has proven himself as a visionary, gold discoverer, and trusted adviser, by introducing unique and strategic investor groups, often outside of the mining arena, to new world class exploration opportunities within proven, and newly emerging gold camps in Ontario, Canada. TIM TWOMEY, P.GEO (FORMERLY OF GOLDCORP) Mr. Twomey brings over 35 years of Senior geological experience to the technical team of Arctic Hunter. Mr. Twomey played a key role in the discovery of Goldcorp’s “High-Grade Zone “at the Red lake Mine, and as a result held the position of Senior Exploration Geologist with Goldcorp’s Regional Exploration Team in the Red Lake Gold Camp and surrounding district. As a highly respected geologist, Mr. Twomey has also previously worked with Premier Gold Mines Ltd., Yamana Gold Inc. and Mega Precious Metals Inc., to advance their respective Red Lake District Gold exploration projects. Mr. Twomey brings to the Arctic Hunter team a vast wealth of knowledge and exploration experience
necessary to understanding the regional geology and controls on high grade gold mineralization hosted within the Red Lake Gold Camp and surrounding gold districts. Mr. Twomey will be evaluating for the purpose of rapidly advancing any of the Company’s potential and upcoming exploration acquisitions currently under review. Commented Tim Coupland, President & CEO of Arctic Hunter: “We are pleased to be evaluating a number of highly prospective gold exploration projects in Ontario with both Michael and Tim, formerly of Goldcorp, who are now assisting our newly formed technical team and positioning the Company for future successes. These mining professionals have a proven track record of ongoing success finding high-grade gold, and their expertise will assist the Company in reviewing and acquiring large district
scale and newly emerging gold exploration projects that are becoming available to the Company during this new gold mining boom. The Company has been reviewing a number of potential gold exploration project opportunities, in several mining friendly and safe jurisdictions within Canada, and we will announce any acquisitions, once preliminary due diligence, dataset review has been performed and approved for acquisition by our Technical Teams. “

ABOUT ARCTIC HUNTER – OIL AND GAS PRODUCTION & GOLD MINERAL EXPLORATION The Company is a Canadian Oil & Gas exploration and mining resource development Company that is focused in developing its’ production capabilities, obtaining potential future oil production revenues, discovering and acquiring advanced gold and silver mineral assets. The Company identifies, acquires and finances the acquisition, exploration and development of mining and oil and gas assets primarily situated in Canada, the United States and Mexico. The Company is currently reviewing a number of gold mineral exploration opportunities, and identifying low risk exploration opportunities through selective acquisitions and development of mining, petroleum and natural gas resource assets situated in favorable resource jurisdictions. The Company has qualified management and has Oil & Gas and Mining teams of professionals seasoned in production, field exploration and drilling. The Company has the necessary manpower in place to develop its natural resource properties and manage its production properties. The Company is committed to minimizing risk through the selective acquisition, exploration and development of both
petroleum and natural gas resource and mineral exploration assets.

Tim Coupland, President and CEO
Arctic Hunter Energy Inc.
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